We’re building rapport in the cloud
for greater productivity
and we can do it for you



The cloud is where 24/7 business is conducted.
But when it comes to trust, today the cloud effectively acts as an insulator.
Always on, easy access, data rich technology gives the illusion of intimacy when all it really provides is efficiency.

Investing in digital relationship building will multiply the return on investment in collaborative technology and amplify the effectiveness of teams, both remote and co-located. helps people get to know each other without the benefit of a shared meal, a shared drink, a round of golf or even a handshake.

We’re a conversation engine uses the power of conversation to build strong professional relationships, even when colleagues are separated by geography, time zones or culture.

We leverage a key aspect of what makes the internet great:
connection, not just connectivity.

Teams using engage in the kinds of dialogue that creates the psychological safety and emotional connection needed to spark innovative and productive work.



  • How does it work?

    Think of us as the world’s best dinner party host. We use questions to spark conversations between team members that lead to more meaningful relationships. Our questions are grounded in the Social Penetration Theory and are designed to help a team move from the surface to the intimate, smoothly and safely.

  • Why should I care?

    It’s pretty simple yet sometimes difficult to explain, but it goes like this: Teams that are emotionally connected to each other, work better together. Emotional connection can only be achieved through getting to know each other. Which can only be achieved through conversation. Which can only be achieved through illuminating and progressively more intimate questions. So...
    Questions → Conversation → Trust building → Emotional Connection → Better work, together.

  • Where do your questions come from?

    So many before of us have done such great work in this arena that we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Therefore our questions are sourced from places like Myers Briggs and Big 5, entrepreneurial trait assessments, gamer profiles, recruiting resources, career development and relationship-building models.

  • When can I play with it?

    Soon! We’re doing a pilot program at the moment, and if you fill out this form, we’ll work to set you up with a key to the trial.

  • How much does it cost?

    Right now, our pilot users have free access, but we hope to offer premium features soon!

  • On a scale of love to obsessed, how much will my team like it?

    Depends, does your team want a way to get to know each other better so that they can do awesome work togther?

  • Is it safe?

    We take every precaution to make sure that we are dealing with your data with the level of privacy and security that you deserve. We are helping to build trust in digital relationships and that process starts with us winning your trust first. We take that responsibility seriously.

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